Zhi Hong Li Response #9

Finishing the reading Backpacks vs. Brief cases,  I think the rhetoric explain most of our action and the view of other in the society. For example, parent want their child to get better education and tell them that better education will give them better opportunity and jobs. Which is the idea of logic and emotion that most parent put on their child. The idea that religious people spread out and the new article that spread idea is also part of rhetoric which is the logic and reason. Each person also have their rhetoric toward the event or things that happen around when they are facing it, such as when two of my friend asking me to help, I will chose one that I feel good about and helping that one first which is the emotion leading for the action to take place. For must people, we trying to do things according to our feeling but we might not realize that it is some how related to the rhetoric that we talk in the English class. The emotion which is including in the rhetoric, which I think as human being we can never escape from having emotion. In other word, we are using rhetoric every moment, even include the time you feel depress about the event that happen around you or all the emotion that you keep it to yourself and thinking that no one will ever understand you. Thinking about the crying voice from the baby, think about the laughing voice when you grow up watching cartoon, thinking about the disappointment when you making your parent mad and everything that happen around us. It is all related to rhetoric in my opinion, we never know that rhetoric is not only using in the speech, writing but it always exist as part of our life and society.  

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