Zhi Hong Li reflection 2

The things that I learn from this project is that I need to clearly explain the function for all part of the computer hardware, and separately explain how each function. I think I clearly explain the function very well and clearly but I think there might still be some part unclear since I’m not the reader who don’t understand what I’m trying to explain.

One thing that I need to improve is on the image, I feel like something is missing but I don’t know what is missing. And maybe the overall relation might not be clear.

For the grade I give a 95 since I trying to make the word that explain to the reader as easier to read as possible, even grade school kid can understand the word and meaning,  which I spend most of the time on the understanding of the word to make it easier for even little kid can read it. I spend on the research to the sure the function is correct and give advise for what happen when the computer is getting wet.

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