ZhiHong Li week 7 response

In the video, it is about the girl Lacie trying to get into the program. However, her GPA of 4.2 is lower than the requirement to join which is 4.5. She did try to improve GPA but life is not what so ever easy to do so and she at the end decrease her GPA. This is related¬† to the real world just like how some company and school only offer for the student who have high GPA and test score for the jobs and the economy support. And there is always some unfairness between the way people being treated. Lower test score does that mean the person doesn’t know how to response to the question. No, that can be affect by other case such as their sleeping condition which they study too hard but have no enough sleep which might led to this outcome. And is the grading of the teacher fair, some teacher might not know how hard the student work for improving and still fail doesn’t that means they no try hard enough. We know that not everyone is a great test taker, does the test measure how much each person know? The answer is no, just like the girl Lacie trying to improve, might be the way she try is wrong but did anyone truthy want to help and giving the advise? The “grading” is just pushing people toward the grade but not learning. The “testing” is just pushing people to remembering.¬†the information and forget right after. That’s what the grading and testing pushing the people to, but losing the purpose of learning and understanding what they learn. Pushing people to remind and forget is making all the thing even worst without knowing if everyone understand or not. So learning morn about knowing and understanding, not about test, grade and remembering.

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