ZhiHong li repsone #6

The video is very interesting how the AI/ the android able to think as much as we the human being. With my understanding toward the science field it might require lot of knowledge to code a robot’s brain to think as much as we can. We all watch video able how robot able to take, read, think independently but we haven’t seem any exist around us. Which robot is consider as robotic life, so is it same as human baby. Or just a development human being this is a question to consider. If the robot is consider the new baby then there will be some thing to think about. We know  that new born baby is consider pure but as human being grow up there always come to the division of good and bad. That seem to be a idea to think about. And also how should we consider the robot to be good or bad what should we base it on. And the question is that the robot it mention is create by another robot. That is scary or interesting is base on your point of view. Technology improved and the robot that code to create the robot that can thinking itself, so that is the great power of technology. Will the robot have the power over human being and taking over human being like how we did to the animal that once is on top of us. Will is be dangerous for robot to have it’s own mindset? We all will worry about this question because we, human will have conflict toward each other. So the conflict might evolve into greater problem if Ai have it’s own think involve in this case. And we know that Ai can look very similar as human being so if enemy use Ai for killing we are hard to deal with it.

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