Zhi Hong Li week # 8 RP

When watching the episode San Junipero and The entire history of you, the idea that people programing the imagery world to let we living sounds good. But one thing that I always remind myself is that their is always a time we realize that the dream will be awaken. For the imagery world we only see the good side of it, just like dream it can be a good dream and nightmare. There is also time that we will realize we should be forcing on what is truly exist. The sadness we experience help us grow and develop. And for the backing track of memory I think that is something good for us. It is because that when we able to back tracking our memory we can realize all our mistake and trying to not letting the problem to exist again. The only thing that I don’t like much is store and delete memory that we don’t want, we know that every step of us help ourselves develop and grow.  Every memory is a step toward our growth. I think every memory we have ourselves define who we are so it is important to maintain it, keep it other than to forget it. Me personally like too keep all my memory no matter positive or negative I think is a way we discover ourselves which we can understand ourselves more. Overall, I like the idea how we can back track so we can using it as part of learning and correct the mistake we make in the past and our memory we have is what it consider to be ourselves an unique one that other can replace because of what we have in one’s memory. We should be happy for all the pass memory, we never know when we will forget the person we love and care.

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