week 5 response ZhiHong Li

After watching Ex Machina I think it is very interesting movie. Although I hear about the AI but the movie make it seem more like human that’s my first movie I watch related to the AI. And in the movie AI Ava can feel Celeb’s emotion which it very seem impossible. As we all know how could it be possible for machine to become a human that feel other’s emotion in that case it seem to be the AI can replace human being. But I can’t truthy tell if she understand the emotion of people. One thing that I’m sure about is that she want to run always from the lab and let other human being helping her which is kind of interesting point that present in the movie and  there is human helping her. I wonder the what did the creator of this AI did to her and what kind of code did the creator put into her make her have the idea and the concept for escaping. The creator of this AI must be so smart that the AI itself have it’s own idea and thinking about itself. I wander what kind of idea the author of the movie trying to express, is it that the AI are too smart will replace the human or the AI is also need freedom. Therefore, I conclude that AI for the future development if they are as smart as human or better then should we have put the code to prevent it to take over that will be a question to think about before anything. And we should also think about what should we put AI for and if they are smarter will they rewrite the code. So AI will be our friend or not will be the question we need to think about.

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